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Some of the links below have broken because the sites were migrated to the centralized USC Annenberg Media page. More recent writing can be found at my travel blog, Path Unwritten. I will update this page as I venture back into the media world.

Neon Tommy

Education Cuts Pushes UC "Onward"

Thousands In Extra Prop 30 Taxes Could Mean Small Businesses Aren't Hiring

Marijuana Spans The Nation This Election

Political Ads Aren't Quite Ready To Leave TV

"Romnesia" And Female Votes Affect Swing State Results

Syria Blamed For Lebanon Bombing

Campaign Season: The Highs And Lows, The Fast And Slows

Prop 30 Vs. Prop 38: Why Teachers And Parents Are Divided

Prop 30 Vies For Attention Among Voters

Occupy: Five Things The Movement Did Well

Romney's Response To Libya Crisis Raises Questions About His Foreign Policy

Mayor's Budget Proposal Opts For Cuts, Not Taxes

LA City Council Votes Against Making A Gang Member A Millionaire

L.A. Considers $4.5 Million Settlement For Controversial Shooting

Is California A Sure Win For Obama?

Brown Vs. Munger: A Tale Of Two Tax Plans

Super Tuesday: The Untold Stories Of Idaho And Alaska's Primaries

Republican 'Conscience' Amendment Just A Ploy, Expert Says

Super Tuesday Preview: Georgia

Super Tuesday Preview: Tennessee

President Obama Unveils "Consumer Privacy Bill Of Rights" For The Internet

Problems At Miramonte Could Cost LAUSD Millions

Miramonte Sex Abuse Scandal: LAUSD Investigating As Students, Parents Protest Staff Removal

Miramonte Sex Abuse Scandal: Staff Removal May Not Be Temporary

Miramonte Sex Abuse Scandal: UTLA Reacts To Removal Of Entire Staff

Missouri Primary: Does It Even Matter?

New Report Aims To Address Truancy In LA Schools

New Republican Primary Rules Push "Non-Binding" Primaries

AUDIO: Governor Brown Signs Bill Limiting Legal Challenges To Farmers Field


Annenberg Radio News

PETA Announces New Celebrity Stamps to Promote Vegetarianism

CALPIRG Releases a Report On Dangerous Toys

"Don't Hold Us Back" Movement Rallies at LAUSD Meeting

Non-Profit Day in Los Angeles

Study Shows Impact of the LA's BEST After School Program

Governor limits legal challenges to LA football stadium

Californians get a lesson on emergency preparedness

California hardest hit by poverty, Census says


Daily Trojan

USC professor earns international architecture prize - See more at:

New medical technician course available for students

Intramural field will be relocated with construction -

New governor proposes cuts to higher education

Volunteer program for preschool children receives $10,000 grant

LinkedIn creates new application for college students

Study says memory is repetitive

Students say new market is too expensive

Students work to stop AIDS

Strategic committee appointed